Welcome to the Martial Arts Weapon Certification web site. If you are a martial artist, want to be one, or enjoy watching them, then you have come to the right spot. At this site we focus on the weapons of the martial arts. Some Martial Art schools incorporate weapons into their rank system, some have a good program and some don’t. Our hope is to provide a great program that you can incorporate into your classes or into your own workouts to help with motivation.

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The Martial Arts Weapon Certification Program is designed to help keep individuals motivated with goals and progression out side the standard belt ranking. This is not a training program or a program that will teach you how to use weapons, this is a program to prove that you know each weapon to become certified in each weapon, however the requirements for each certification can be used as a training outline for objectives to learn.

Let me tell you a little story as to why I got started on creating this program. One of the Martial Arts schools I trained at had a problem I noticed. They were getting a ton of students who would work hard, were excited, and got their Black Belt. However they would stick around for about 6 months and just stop showing up. I wondered why. Until I realized that the reason was not because they didn’t love doing Martial Arts, it wasn’t because they didn’t have friends – we all felt like a very close family – the reason was they ran out of goals and mile stones for those goals, to see progress and growth. Yes second degree, or second Dan was a goal they had but it was so far away…..

Those goals they once had with mile stones (Belt rankings/stripes/etc.) were gone. They had friends, they still enjoyed doing it, just didn’t have the motivation of the goals, nor the excitement of learning more.

That is where the Martial Arts Weapon Certification comes in. If you are seeing the same problem, and perhaps even seeing it at earlier belt ranks, then this is the program for you. We asked kids, adults, and teens what they liked most about the Martial Arts, and almost every one of them said the weapons – and most of those students hadn’t even learned a weapon yet! What a perfect subject to base our motivational, goal setting, program!

Why certificates? Well, just like any award we work for and achieve, it sets us apart from others, shows dedication and hard work. It is proof that we know what we say we know, because someone else is backing us up, we proved it to them, and now they give us their stamp of approval. That is what a certificate does, it gives us prestige, confidence, and admiration of others

The program works like this, once you sign up you get a login to the website. You can look at each category and each weapon in the categories. You can select and work on several weapons at once, in any category, if you do not see a weapon you would like to work on you can submit a request via the “Contact Us” tab at the top of the website. When you have finished the work for a weapon, and it is verified by an instructor, you are awarded a certificate. You can work on any weapon, however it is suggested that you first earn the weapons in the Hardwood category, then progress to each of the other categories in order, more on that later.

Each weapon has requirements that you can look at and work on. Once you are finished with a requirement there is multiple ways you can get it passed off, depending on the requirement. Take for example a requirement that asks for you to write about the history of that weapon. You can type the history in the requirement page and submit it, you can type up the history in a word document or other word processor and submit it in the upload area of each requirement, or you can write up the history on a piece of paper and scan it in on a computer and submit it via the upload area of the requirement.

As another example, lets say a requirement that you want to work on asks you to demonstrate the use of the weapon in some way. You can either video yourself, or have someone else video you, doing the demonstration and upload it either directly to the weaponcertification.com website or to some other site, like youtube, then submit the link of the video in the requirement, make sure in the video you state that the video is to complete a requirement for the weaponcertification.com Martial Arts Weapon Certification Program. (This helps us make sure it is a video meant for the program).

Now the certificates, each weapon has a certificate to be earned. When you earn three certificates in a given category you will earn the certificate for that category. The certificates for each of the four categories must be earned in order, first the Hardwood category, then the Bladed category, then the Flexible Category and finally the Projectile Category. Once you earn the category certificate for each of the four categories you will earn the most prestigious Weapons Mastery Certificate.

Get access to the program now, and you will not be let down! This is amazing stuff, this program has motivated some of the toughest students, it has even got Masters excited about the program and advancing with different certifications! Click the link below. The nice thing about this program is that it is ever changing and growing, more content will be added, articles, more weapons, videos and “how to” pages.

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List of Currently offered Weapon Certifications

  1. Bo Staff - Level I
  2. Bo Staff - Level II
  3. Single Fighting Stick or Eskrima Stick - Level I
  4. Single Fighting Stick or Eskrima Stick - Level II
  5. Double Fighting Sticks - Level I
  6. Double Fighting Sticks - Level II
  7. Baton - Level I
  8. Baton - Level II
  9. Tonfa - Level I
  10. Tonfa - Level II
  11. Kuboton - Level I
  12. Kuboton - Level II
  13. Club or Mace - Level I
  14. Club or Mace - Level II
  15. Cane - Level I
  16. Cane - Level II
  17. Hammer - Level I
  18. Hammer - Level II
  19. Boken - Level I
  20. Boken - Level II
  21. Shinai - Level I
  22. Shinai - Level II
  23. Sai - Level I
  24. Sai - Level II
  25. Kamas - Level I
  26. Kamas - Level II
  27. Butterfly Swords - Level I
  28. Butterfly Swords - Level II
  29. Knife - Level I
  30. Knife - Level II
  31. BroadSword - Level I
  32. BroadSword - Level II
  33. Tai Chi Sword - Level I
  34. Tai Chi Sword - Level II
  35. Shoto - Level I
  36. Shoto - Level II
  37. Tanto - Level I
  38. Tanto - Level II
  39. Spear - Level I
  40. Spear - Level II
  41. Katana - Level I
  42. Katana - Level II
  43. Dagger - Level I
  44. Dagger - Level II
  45. Axe - Level I
  46. Axe - Level II
  47. Sickle - Level I
  48. Sickle - Level II
  49. Butterfly Knife - Level I
  50. Butterfly Knife - Level II
  51. Kukari - Level I
  52. Kukari - Level II
  53. Throwing Knife - Level I
  54. Throwing Knife - Level II
  55. Throwing Star - Level I
  56. Throwing Star - Level II
  57. Throwing Spikes - Level I
  58. Throwing Spikes - Level II
  59. Pistol - Level I
  60. Pistol - Level II
  61. Rifle - Level I
  62. Rifle - Level II
  63. Bow and Arrow - Level I
  64. Bow and Arrow - Level II
  65. Blow Gun - Level I
  66. Blow Gun - Level II
  67. Manrikigusari - Level I
  68. Manrikigusari - Level II
  69. Single Nunchuck - Level I
  70. Single Nunchuck - Level II
  71. Double Nunchucks - Level I
  72. Double Nunchucks - Level II
  73. 9 Link Chain - Level I
  74. 9 Link Chain - Level II
  75. Chain Whip - Level I
  76. Chain Whip - Level II
  77. Whip - Level I
  78. Whip - Level II
  79. 3 Section Staff - Level I
  80. 3 Section Staff - Level II
  81. Fan - Level I
  82. Fan - Level II
  83. Pepper Spray - Level I
  84. Shotgun - Level I
  85. Shotgun - Level II

Get access to the program now! Initial setup of your account and LIFETIME Access is only $10!click the secure BUY NOW image below and get access right now!